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Certified Instructor Carl Traub
Certified Instructor Carl Traub

Comprehensive Curriculum

Carl J Traub's curriculum surpasses the minimum requirements set by the state, ensuring that his students receive a thorough and well-rounded education on firearms and self-defense. Carl equips his students with the knowledge and skills to confidently handle firearms in various scenarios by covering a wide range of topics.

Some of the key areas covered in Carl's curriculum include:

  • Firearm safety protocols and best practices

  • Proper handling and storage of firearms

  • Understanding state and federal firearms laws

  • Marksmanship and shooting techniques

  • Self-defense strategies and situational awareness

By delving into these topics, Carl ensures that his students meet the state requirements and develop a deep understanding of responsible firearm ownership.

Empowering Responsible Gun Owners

Carl J Traub's ultimate goal is to empower individuals to become responsible gun owners. Through his comprehensive training, he instills the importance of responsible firearm usage, emphasizing the need for ongoing education and practice.

Carl believes that responsible gun ownership is not just about possessing a firearm but also about understanding the responsibility that comes with it. Carl strives to create a community of well-armed and responsible gun owners by promoting safe handling, adherence to laws, and continuous learning.

5 STAR REVIEWS Positive Student Feedback

With a track record of thousands of satisfied students, Carl J Traub's expertise and teaching methods have garnered praise within the firearms community. His commitment to providing a comprehensive education and his passion for firearms has made him a sought-after instructor.

Students appreciate Carl's patient and approachable teaching style, which creates a supportive learning environment. His ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable terms allows students to grasp the material effectively.

After completing his courses, many of Carl's students have reported significant improvements in their shooting skills and confidence levels. They credit his comprehensive curriculum and personalized attention for their success.

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At CNC Academy, we believe that responsible gun ownership starts with proper education and training. We offer top-quality concealed carry classes to prepare you for any potential self-defense situation. Our highly experienced and certified instructor is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive learning environment where you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to carry a concealed firearm confidently.

Our comprehensive training program covers everything from basic firearm safety and marksmanship to advanced techniques for carrying and using a concealed weapon. We also offer specialized courses for specific types of firearms, such as handguns and rifles, and classes for different experience levels.

At CNC Academy, we understand that everyone has different learning styles and schedules. That's why we offer various class options, including weekday and weekend classes and private lessons. We also provide all the necessary equipment and materials for our courses so you can focus on learning and improving your skills.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gun owner, our goal is to help you develop the confidence and proficiency needed to handle a firearm safely and effectively. We are committed to providing.

About cnc academy

Carl J Traub is a highly experienced and dedicated full-time firearms instructor. He goes above and beyond the State requirements in his curriculum to ensure his students are fully equipped to obtain their Concealed Carry License. To help as many 2nd amendment defenders as possible, Carl strives to enhance their knowledge and shooting skills while emphasizing the importance of safe and responsible firearm handling.

His ultimate goal is to create a community of well-armed and responsible gun owners. With nearly 50 years of firearms experience and a strong foundation instilled by his police officer father, Carl's expertise is unmatched. Having worked as a former Firearms Instructor and Crew Chief with Dunbar Armored Car Division, he established C-N-C Academy in 2016. Certified by USCCA, NRA Law Enforcement, and NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Carl is committed to providing top-notch instruction and ensuring safety in all firearms training sessions.